Solutions for “Access and Presence control for Employees” provide real control on persons who may access the internal areas of the company. For security reasons not all employees may access production areas, archives or server rooms; for this reason ZSE offers an integrated solution allowing the configuration of user profiles with different access levels. The system does not only detect the beginning and the end of the employees’ presence, but it also allows safe access to visitors and suppliers limiting their transit to prescribed areas only.

A complete solution is generally made up of:

a management software installed on the central server and some Client workstations for employee management and for the assignment of temporary badges for Visitors and Suppliers
badge reader terminals to detect presence and for access control found in the company’s entrance area and in strategic control points
selective physical gates to limit transit allowing exclusive access to authorised persons (such as automatic gates, turnstiles, revolving doors o or non-selective gates such as doors with an electronic lock controlled by a badge reader or electronic hinged gates)
identification badge

Upon sliding the badge through the reader terminal, the software verifies authorizations and records transit. By means of the software it is possible to manage, export and print the report of access times and hours of work for each day and month.


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