For each security level required, choose the right access control technology for pedestrians and vehicles: presence detectors, anti-infringement devices and solutions for the prevention of shrinkage, suitable for all types of productive concern.

Access and Presence of Employees

A vast range of hardware and software solutions for a discreet and efficient access control, offering different security levels based on the different areas and always adequate for the actual needs.


An intelligent technology with a web interface, designed to detect and compare automatically transfers in every direction and to record data so as to allow an immediate view and a fast processing.

Access limitation

Trust is a good thing, but allowing presence in designated areas only to identified and authorised persons is safer; ZSE hardware and software work together to guarantee a discreet and effective access control.

Vehicle access and parking

How can we guarantee high security, profitable management and constant reliability in areas which are normally unmanned but typically busy and often exposed to all weather conditions? We have the solution.

Access to building sites

From the very start of the activity, ensuring that only authorised persons are present guarantees the security of employees, visitors and tools. Our sturdy and reliable technologies satisfy all requirements.

Impartial system

A time-honoured and effective device, which does not hurt anyone’s feelings and at the same time creates a valid dissuasion against inappropriate removal of material from controlled areas, using a minimum amount of time and resources.

Museum access management

Ensure the profitability of the management of artistic and cultural assets, allowing access only to entitled persons, without discouraging visitors and blending in with the set-up’s aesthetics.


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