We started off in 1988 as software specialists and we are now able to suggest complete turnkey solutions, from hardware to the most innovative management technologies, in a complete range of solutions for every area of activity: retail, sports, companies.

Design, creation and development of our solutions occur internally: we therefore have full control on our software and can provide you with a full guarantee of continuity in our service.

Our vertical integration allows us to carry out all the changes needed for our activity to provide you with a tailor-made software. The possibility of constantly and autonomously updating all our solutions eliminates obsolescence and allows you to have constantly updated versions of your software without any need to scrap and replace what you already purchased.

Our flexible and dynamic structure allows us to be by your side for every update, implementation or maintenance action, anywhere, in Italy or abroad.

By choosing ZSE you support the environment: as from 2009 the company’s energy requirements are totally satisfied using our 20 kWh photo-electric plant.


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