This Cookie Policy serves the purpose of publishing the procedures followed to collect, by means of cookies and/or other monitoring techniques, the information provided by users when they visit this website at the address www.zse.it.  The controller of the treatment of personal data collected by means of this website is ZSE s.r.l., based in Assago in Via Mario Idiomi 10/o (hereafter also designated as “The Company”).


We use cookies in some areas of our website. Cookies are files which store information on hard drives or on the browser. They enable this website to check whether you visited the website before. Cookies allow us to understand which are the pages of the website which are visited most often, since they allow to determine which pages are visited and for how long. By means of these data we can make the website more compliant with your requests and navigation easier. Cookies, for instance, enable us to reassure you that information present on the website when you next visit it will respond to your preferences.

The browser may be configured to accept all cookies, refuse all cookies or inform you when a cookie has been sent. Every browser is different, so click on your browser’s “HELP” menu to understand how to modify your cookie preferences. For instance, in Microsoft Internet Explorer, cookies may be disabled or cancelled by selecting “Tools/Internet Options” and modifying privacy settings or by selecting “cancel cookies”. It should be noted that this website is designed to use cookies and disabling them may  affect the site’s functioning and not allow the best use of the site itself.

We do not exchange cookies with external websites or external data providers.

This website and the communications generated with the use and/or the registration on this website, such as, promotional e-mails, may contain electronic images known as “web beacons”. Web beacons generally operate in connection with cookies, and we may use them with cookies, for instance, to:

  • Count the number of visitors on the website;
  • Check whether you operated by means of e-mails or through a link, for instance, where this is a condition to take part in a contest;
  • Verify how successful a specific advertising campaign or a contest is;
  • Establish particular interest levels for specific sections or aspects of the website or for particular products and services available on this website;
  • Estimate the effect that advertisements and contests may have on sales;
  • Understand how popular a product or a service and the level of variation of the interest between the particular products and services of ZSE s.r.l.


The Italian law (article 122 of Legislative Decree 196/03 “Code concerning personal data protection” hereafter shortened as “Code”) introduced in our legal system a European Directive which requires managers of websites using cookies or other monitoring techniques to inform the user as to the types of cookies, if any, used by the website. The Provisions of the Authority for Data Protection number 229 dated May 8th 2014, published on the Official Gazette number 126 dated June 3rd 2014, subdivided cookies into two main categories: “technical” cookies and “profiling” cookies.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are those used only to “carry out the transmission on an electronic communication network, or just inasmuch as is needed, by the provider of a service of an information society service supplier explicitly requested by the subscriber or the user, to supply this service” (see article 122, part 1, of the Code).

They are not used for further purposes and are normally installed directly by the controller or manager of the website. They may be subdivided in navigation or session cookies, which guarantee the normal navigation and use of the website (allowing, for instance, to complete a purchase or to complete authentication to access a reserved area);  cookie analytics, analogous to technical cookies inasmuch as they are used directly by the manager of the website to collect information, in aggregate form, regarding the number of users and how they use the website itself; functioning cookies, which allow users to navigate depending on a series of selected criteria (such as, language, products selected for purchase) so as to improve the service provided to the user.

For the installation of these cookies preventive consent of users is not necessary.

Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are designed to create profiles relative to the user and are used to send advertising messages aligned to the preferences shown by the user while navigating the web. Given the particular intrusiveness which such devices may have within the private domain of users, Italian and European norms envisage that users should be adequately informed as to the use of the devices and express their valid consent.

These cookies are referred to by article 122 of the Code where it states that “storing information in the terminal device of a buyer or user or the access to previously stored information is only allowed on condition that the buyers or users expressed their consent with the simplified methods described in article 13, part 3” (article 122, part 1, of the Code).


In the same Provision the Authority also classified cookies according to the subject operating as controller of the treatment of the personal data collected by the cookie, distinguishing between first party cookies and third party cookies.

First party cookies

These are cookies managed by the website’s owner. For these cookies, the owner is in duty bound to provide information as to the cookies. The owner also must describe the method to block the cookies.

Third party cookies

These are cookies managed by a third party other than the owner of the website. For these cookies, the obligation to provide information and to describe the method to block the cookies  lies with the third party, while the owner of the website must insert in the website links to the third party site where these elements are available.


In both types of cookies (first party or third party) obtaining consent, necessary when cookies are profiling cookies, occurs with a purposely designed banner placed in the home page of the website.



At the end of this Cookie Policy the list of all cookies used by this website is provided. In the first group the so-called technical cookies are listed, whose use does not require consent by the user. If present in this website, the second group lists profiling cookies. For both groups, the following information is provided for each type of cookie:

  • Denomination of the cookie
  • Function performed by the cookie
  • Indication of whether the cookie is a first or third party cookie
  • If the cookie is a first party cookie, an indication of the methods to block it
  • If the cookie is a third party cookie, the indication of the link by means of which it is possible to reach the their party website where the third party information is found regarding processing of personal data collected using the cookie and the method to block the cookie.

It must be noted that blocking technical cookies may jeopardise the functionality of this website.



This website could contain links or references for the access to other websites. The Company does not control the cookies/monitoring technologies of other websites and the present Cookie Policy does not apply to them.

CONTACT US   For any question, comment or doubt regarding this Cookie Policy or the website’s Privacy Policy, please contact the Company at the following addresses:

  • via e-mail, at the address: privacy@zse.it
  • or by mail, to ZSE s.r.l., Via Mario Idiomi 10/o – 20090 Assago (Milan, Itay).



This Cookie Policy has been updated on June 12th, 2018.
Any updates will always be published on this page.




Denomination Function carried out by the cookie First party or third party cookies Description of the method to block the cookie
Technical session cookies Expires with the session First party cookie Removal through the browser’s functions or purposely designed button
Technical cookie Removes the banner notifying the use of cookies; expires after 6 months First party cookie Removal through the browser’s functions or purposely designed button
Language cookie (Technical) Memorize user’s language preference; expires with the session First party cookie Removal through the browser’s functions or purposely designed button
Authentication cookies (Technical) Recognize user profile after login; expire with log out or after two days First party cookie Removal through the browser’s functions, logout or purposely designed button
“Remember me” cookie (Technical) Simplify user login storing login session; expires after 14 days or with log out First party cookie Removal through the browser’s functions, logout or purposely designed button
Google Analytics Anonymous statistics in the website’s navigation Third party cookie Removal through the browser’s functions or third party. More info.
Google Analytics Registered users navigation statistics in the website Third party cookie Removal through the browser’s functions or third party. More info.
Google Maps Statistics on the use of maps embedded in the website Third party cookie Removal through the browser’s functions or third party.
YouTube Statistics on the viewing of videos embedded in the website Third party cookie Removal through the browser’s functions or third party.


The users may remove cookies installed by this website using the following button. Or by using the tools made available by their browser.

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Each browser envisages different procedures to manage its settings. Users may obtain specific instructions by means of the links below. Disabling third party cookies is also possible by using the methods made available directly by third parties controlling the processing itself as shown in the links included in the table above.


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