For all sorts of sports or recreational facilities, the wide range of our smart hardware and software technologies guarantees security and supports management, ensuring that facilities and resources are used so as to maximize profitability.

Swimming pools

For the safety of your clients within your swimming facilities it is important to allow access only to authorized persons and to obtain timely information on the way services are used.

Sports and Fitness facilities

The best smart technologies to monitor the access to gyms, sports and wellness centres; allowing access only to entitled persons maximizes safety and provides valuable data regarding the way services are used, to provide an increasingly customized offer.

Time-linked access

A vast range of access barriers designed to limit access and a corresponding vast range of solutions to bypass these limitations at specific times and conditions: efficient, practical and with a guarantee of a consistently effective and precise control.

Camping area

The main smart technologies to limit, control and allow vehicle and pedestrian access to the different areas present in the structures dedicated to holidays and leisure, guaranteeing profitability and safety.

Showers and hair dryers

Token- or rechargeable card-operated, payment systems for showers and hair dryers allow users not to leave cash unattended, encourage a responsible use of energy and water resources and allow the facility to recover costs.

Payment access

Complete solutions to limit access to specific areas, allowing transit only following payment but exempting users from carrying cash.


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