Body built entirely in AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel with scotch brite finishing, removable top lid with lock and key, removable side leg carter. Head in aluminium with bright finishing, arms in polished stainless steel. Selective bi-directional mechanism, equipped with a hydraulic decelerator and a control logic with automatic release of the tripod in case of power failure.

This turnstile can accept release signals in both directions: its electronic control unlocks the turnstile every time in the selected direction, ready for transit monitoring. Equipped with a device which mechanically completes the rotation, allowing to conclude the tripod’s rotation after an initial manual pressure and with a special device which stops the rotation direction from inverting as well as a mechanical decelerator which slows down the rotation of the tripod until it reaches its rest position. In case of power failure, the tripod remains automatically released in both directions. To help installation, maintenance and replacement processes, the body is made up of modules which are easy to disassemble.

Works with:
  • Drop-down or retractable arms
  • RFID readers
  • Remote control
  • Token dispenser
  • Transit counter


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