The HG3 single panel swing gate, or the double panel version, provides a high level of bi-directional flow with an uncompromising security. Its crystal panes make it simple and elegant, designed to blend in perfectly with any architectural style, it offers a compact gateway, also suitable for installations with very limited floor space.

The gateway can manage a high transit flow by means of an exclusive photo-cell detection system which guarantees a precise tracking of users during transit and prevents any unauthorised use. Just like the Automatic Gate family which it belongs to, the HG3 Swing Gate is a scalable product which may be installed in solutions with several passage modules, and in wider passages to facilitate the transit of users who require mobility supports.

The Gate may be installed at the entrance of companies, hotels, malls, airports, ministries, universities and in all places where security and transit speed are as important as design and aesthetics.

Works with:
  • RFID readers
  • Remote control 

  • Transit counter


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