The TRF10/12 full height turnstile represents the ideal solution for pedestrian access control designed for unmanned perimeter structures such as parking lots, building sites etc. Its particularly compact design makes it ideal even for indoor applications; it is used in airports, harbours, companies, underground and train stations and stadia. It is a high-performance, full-height turnstile, ideal for environments where security is an essential requisite. Long life and reliability are guaranteed even in outdoor installations, thanks to the body in galvanized steel and to the special epoxy coating, which makes it resistant even in areas subject to corrosive agents.

A version with rotating column arms positioned at a 90° or 120° angle is available, entirely made out of stainless or coated steel. In all versions arms rotate freely in case of a power cut. From a size and function standpoint, the double lane bi-directional version s very interesting, as it is idea for very high transit flows (TRF12). This version combines in a single structure two turnstiles with two independent rotors capable of managing 4 transit directions.

Works with:
  • Awning
  • RFID readers
  • Remote control 

  • Transit counter


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