An Automatic gate with a partial or full-height panel with an internal structure and side covers in Aisi 304 or Aisi 316 steel, with satin finishing or powder coating in a RAL colour of choice. Corridor with a standard width of 500/550 mm, Plexiglas or 10-mm tempered crystal panels 120 or 180 mm high, with the possibility of applying the company’s logo on both. Elegant finishing, direction symbols and a lid created using a special plasticized wood, or, upon request, glass or stainless steel. Internal mechanical parts protected with a corrosion-resistant coating. In case of emergency and power failure the panels may remain closed or be withdrawn, leaving the passage free, then resume functioning automatically when power supply is re-established. Having received the authorization to open from a button or badge reader, the gate will open automatically and one transit is complete, and detected by sensors, it will close again. 14 purposely built sensor are present, if the user does not go through the gate within a predefined number of seconds, the gate will sound an alarm and close again.

The gate may be installed at the entrance of companies, hotels, malls, airports, ministries, universities and all sites where safety and transit speed are as important as design and aesthetics.

Works with:
  • RFID readers
  • Remote control 

  • Transit counter


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