GRV8 is a half-height rotating turnstile which provides high security levels in environments where a strict access control is required.

It is a bi-directional electromechanical turnstile with an automatic centering mechanism which allows it to go back to its original position after every rotation. It may be connected to any type of access control such as an RFID reader, a remote control or a simple button. Once access is granted, the gate rotates automatically. When at rest the turnstile is always locked. If the user does not enter within 1 seconds, the GRV8 will sound an acoustic warning signal and lock again automatically. Optional LED symbols are also available showing on both sides the status of entitlement to transit. In case of power failures, the GRV8 turnstile remains unlocked to allow the arms to rotate freely in both directions, thereby allowing an easy exit to people present in the area.

Works with:
  • RFID readers
  • Remote control
  • Transit counter


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