Extensible tape barriers

Columns with extensible tape allow the creation of any type of path or barrier to keep clients waiting or direct their flow, in public and private organizations, cinemas and theatres, banks, supermarkets, hypermarkets, hospitals etc. No installation in needed and the designated areas can be moved very easily; for this reason they are a very simple boundary system. They are particularly suitable to provide safety on the workplace; by defining temporarily areas which are not accessible to the public due to work in progress or emergencies, even outdoors.

Modular steel barriers

Modular steel barriers are ideal for the semi-permanent designation of areas.

It is possible to create customized solutions by using vertical stands and horizontal pipes of varying length. The vertical stands are equipped with a flange with three holes which allows them to be fixed to the ground with bolts. The installation with embedded threaded sleeves level with the floor allows them to be removed and repositioned easily. Connectors allow fixing the horizontal pipes to the vertical stands and their tightening by means of a little hex key placed in the bottom part.

Rope barriers

Columns with ropes are ideal for more refined areas where the tastefulness of objects needs to represent Italian style at its best hotels, museums, cinemas, theatres, tourist offices, banks, exhibitions, motorbike, car and nautical shows etc. Columns with spun braid ropes 28 mm in diameter, several olours, fabric with a very high tear resistance. Snap hooks for fast hooking and unhooking  – chrome finishings. Each column may be matched with several accessories to create informative signals and solutions.

Panel barriers

Modular steel barriers with tempered crystal panels are ideal for a safe and elegant definition of areas. As an alternative to crystal, Plexiglas (methacrylate) panels may be installed, available in many colours, transparent, smoked, blue etc. It is possible to design customized solutions using vertical stands (108 mm or 200 mm high). Vertical stands have a flange with three holes allowing them to be fixed to the floor using bolts. The installation with embedded threaded sleeves level with the floor allows them to be removed and repositioned easily. Clips are built specifically to clasp stratified safety glass panes or crystal 8, 10 or 12 mm thick.


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